We have state of the art grading suites with broadcast monitors and calibrated cinema screens, making sure we can achieve the exact look that is needed for your project. Even more importantly we have grading talent from across the world with the kind of hard-to-find experience that makes sure your picture looks its best.



Visual Effects - at Kantana, we are offering a wide range of VFX services where the combination of both creative design and visual effects section.

Creative Design, we provide creative ideas for both TVC commercial and Special events. Our Creative design team will assist and provide services such as Storyboard to Animatic editing, 3D look Development to rendering for commercial product shots and idea.

VFX, Our service with extensive visual effect shots such as 2D & 3D Set extension, Matte Painting, Simulation and Composite. We also go out with
production crew for onset supervision service for both movie and commercial.


As the final stage of our digital lab service, we create the final deliverable for theatrical release. Whether your project is 2D or 3D, in flat or scope aspect ratio, we transcode, compress and finally encrypt the media before it leaves us, making sure your project is secure and looking perfect.

We handle all storage formats that are required from the broadcasters, cinema chains and duplication companies including Betacam, DigiBeta, HDCAM, HDCAM-SR, DVD, DCP and more. Kantana can create every version your project needs.


With our Film Remastering service, you can take old productions and bring them up to date, ready for re-release in today’s market. Old 35mm projects can be scanned, faded colors corrected, and scratches and grain removed.


We offer a full Dailies & Rushes digital lab service to keep you on schedule and up to date with the shoot. We can archive, transcode, sync and prepare your day’s shooting for viewing on a number of formats. You can review your footage onsite in our state-of-the-art screening room, watch it on set, and have it delivered to your handheld device. Transcoded files for Editorial can be made for Avid, Final Cut and other edit software, with custom burn-ins on to the picture.



Established in 2016, the team is keen to connect the media world without any language barrier, providing services of subtitling and dubbing to serve various contents in as many as 15 Asian languages. Our services is honored in the NETFLIX Post Partner Program.


Kantana Post Production also expands its support to encourage and assist not only Thai filmmakers but also those interested in shooting in Thailand by joining hands with leading production support service providers in Thailand. Our Film Distribution team at Kantana, too, provides the service of assisting foreign filmmakers to import their films into Thailand, without hassles.

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