A strong effort in consistently meeting international standards has been highly valued at Kantana. We have professionally served numerous international film studios,have proudly earned theirtotal trust and continuously strive to fulfill all of our client's ever-growing needs.



Kantana Post Production is the foundation of success of more than 100 film companies in Asia in our famous Color Grading work-artistic harmonization of light, color, and story of countless films to fascinate a large audience.


Our sound studio offers multi-chambered post production services with cutting-edge technology and expertise in sound editing, mixing, and mastering. Equipped with first-in-Southeast-Asia Dolby-certified state-of-the-art mixing stages, premix suites, editing suites, foley stages, and ADR stages.


Our Visual Effects squad is an example of the industry's most competitive support unit who are more than ready to turn the imaginate of clients and audience to life.


With our Film Remastering service, you can take old productions and bring them up to date, ready for re-release in today's market. Old 35 mm, 16 mm Projects can be scanned, faded colours corrected, and scratches and grain removed.


Our Restoration team is second to none in restoring decayed films caused by weather exposure over long period of time to better condition, removing scratches or stains on the film, preserving the true value as they repersent the story and culture of particular places and times.


Our Mastering QC team and our cutting-edge technology provides DCP Mastering service that is up to international standards, with complete support of IMF Packaging for Over-The-Top Media Services and all broadcasting platforms.


Our Team is keen to connect the media world without any language barrier, providing services of subtitling and dubbing to serve various contents in as many as 15 Asian languages.


Our localization department is known for our Dubbing services for Thai, English and Vietnamese languages. Our services are honored in the NETFLIX Post Partner Program by the online media giant NETFLIX.

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